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LegalEase Solutions

LegalEase Solutions LLC is a leading provider of legal support services to corporate legal departments and law firms. We are a pioneer in the Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) industry and a certified Minority Business Enterprise. LegalEase helps corporate legal departments and law firms with legal research, contract management, and litigation support services. Corporate clients trust us for our timeliness and staying on or below budget. We are headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and have called Metro Detroit home since our very beginning in 2005.

LegalEase has clients across the United States and Canada. Our clients include hundreds of small and mid-sized law firms nationwide. and the legal departments of a variety of companies including:

  • One of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world
  • A leading mutual funds and investment indexing company
  • Automotive suppliers
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  •  Consulting firms
  • Technology firms

Our approach

  • Collaboration: We will take the time to understand each project and its unique requirements
  • identification: We identify time and efficiency gaps in processes
  • Integration: We partner with you and integrate our team into your process
  • Implementation: We understand your final expectations using your templates or sample work
  • Completion: We will meet or exceed client deadlines


Sample Services

  • Legal Research:  Using powerful legal research tools including Lexis Nexis® and Westlaw®, combined with our years of experience researching a vast array of legal issues for corporate clients and law firms, the LegalEase team is well equipped to research a diverse array of legal issues. In fact, high quality and fast research is the hall mark of our service offerings.
  • Litigation Support:
    • Motion Drafting: LegalEase has prepared numerous types of motions and briefs, including motions for summary, motions in limine, motions for class action certification, etc.
    • Answers to lawsuits: LegalEase has prepared hundreds of answers to litigation complaints. As such, our team is fully trained to competently prepare answers to litigation complaints, including the insertion of all applicable affirmative defenses.
    • Medical Records Summarization: LegalEase has produced medical summaries that encompass information from medical records and depositions to lay out a plaintiff’s pertinent medical history, pertinent family medical history, and pertinent information on a plaintiff’s lifestyle as it relates to the plaintiff’s health (e.g. alcohol usage, tobacco, etc.)
    • Deposition Summaries: LegalEase prepares concise and relevant digests of voluminous deposition transcripts related to various types of litigation.
  • Transactional Support: Our transactional support team has experience with compliance matters, reviewing and drafting client contracts, drafting amendments and consolidating agreements, contract abstraction, contract management, and legal research. Our experience includes:
  • Document Assembly: We can offer powerful, efficient, and cost effective document assembly and automation services both through our offshore attorney workforce and through our strategic partners such as LegalVane.
  • Document Review/E-Discovery: Review of documents (electronic and hard copy) and files involved in litigation, including substantive review, privilege review, etc.


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