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50-State Surveys

What is a 50 State Survey?

50 state surveys are compilations of law and regulations for the 50 states in the U.S., on a particular legal matter.

In cases where multiple jurisdictions are involved, you may need to research laws across different states. This is a time consuming process. Get the right information in just a click, with our 50 state surveys.


Benefits of a 50 State Survey

  • With our 50 state surveys, you can compare laws across different states. Out of state court decisions have persuasive authority. In some situations, you may have to refer to the laws of other jurisdictions to persuade a court to favor your client by showing them a legal consensus on a subject matter.
  • Helps you help your client stay ahead of the curve by mapping out and updating all applicable statutes and regulations.
  • Ensures that your clients are in compliance, and up to date, on all the latest regulatory changes affecting their industry.

Our high-quality 50 State Statutory & Regulatory Review is the perfect product to help you get all the benefits listed above, at affordable rates. LegalEase can match your preferred charts and templates, or provide you with our own easy-to-read and comprehensive document.

Features of the LegalEase 50 State Survey

  • High-quality legal research’
  • Friendly Client Service Attorney support throughout the process
  • Covers all 50 states and any applicable federal statutes or regulations specified in the assignment
  • 1 free revision
  • Delivered within 1-2 weeks

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