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The Legal Outsourcing Market

While the Legal Process Outsourcing sector is relatively young, it is growing quickly and projected development is dramatic – increasing from a market size of $146 million in 2006, to $640 million in 2009, to a conservatively estimated $2 billion for the United States alone in 2013 (according to American Lawyer Magazine, Dec. 2008).  Add to the equation U.K. lawyers, who have embraced legal outsourcing more quickly than their U.S. counterparts, and the market size is expected to increase another billion dollars in the next few years. The LPO market is forecasted to top $10 Billion by 2022.

The current global market size for all legal services is $250 billion.  So, as a component of a business model, the question of legal outsourcing is no longer if or even when, it is how much.


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